The University of Nebraska at Omaha is proud to be the home of the U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel Archives. Chuck Hagel was U.S. Senator (NE-R) from 1997 to 2009 and U.S. Secretary of Defense from 2013 to 2015.

Recently Added Items

Media Interview Memo, May 25, 2003


Media interview memo for Hagel's appearance on the NBC show, Meet the Press, May 25, 2003. (1 page)

Press Release Statement, April 29, 2003


Press release with opening statement, Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing, "NATO Enlargement: Mending Fences and Moving Forward on Iraq," April 29,…

Press Release, April 11, 2003


Press release, "Hagel Tribute to Nebraska Troops in Iraq," April 11, 2003. (2 pages)

Press Releases, April 9 and May 22, 2003


Press releases related to reconstruction in Iraq, April 9 and May 22, 2003. 2 documents (2 pages)