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Vietnam War: Lessons and Legacies Symposium, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October 27-28, 2016. Footage from ten sessions is available online at Hagel appears in two sessions: The U.S. Military After Vietnam and Lessons…

Watch Video: Tributes to Hagel by colleagues on senate floor, 2008 (Running Time: 0:24:50)

Watch Video: Hagel at Foreign Relations Committee briefing on IMF reform and global financial crisis; Foreign Relations Committee briefly with Madeline Albright; Aging Committee; Foreign Relations Committee on energy, 1999 (Running Time: 1:14:39)

Watch Video: Hagel at Foreign Relations Committee with Condi Rice and speaking on a nominee, December 2005 (Running Time: 0:12:37)

Watch Video: Hagel at Foreign Relations Committee to introduce UN Ambassador nominee Zalmay Khalilzad Banking Committee with Nicholas Burns about Iran and Iraq; Foreign Relations Committee with Secretary Burns, 2007 (Running Time: 0:33:24)

Watch Video: Hagel at Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing; Foreign Relations Committee Hearing; Republican Television report with Hagel quote, 2005 (Running Time: 0:25:36)

Watch Video: Hagel at Banking Committee hearing on hedge funds, May 16-17, 2006 (Running Time: 1:53:09)

Watch Video: Hagel at Foreign Relations Committee: Petraeus, April 8, 2008; April 23, 2008; Armitage, April 24, 2008; Hagel floor speech on GI Bill, May 14, 2008; Hagel at Banking Committee; Foreign Relations Committee (Running Time: 1:34:38)
Watch Video: Hagel interview, Library of Congress Folklife Center interview, Veterans History Project, August 14 and 26, 2002 (Running Time: 2:00:05)
Watch Video: Hagel speech in honor of John Dixon, United Service Organization (USO) event, December 6, 1989 (Running Time: 0:02:59)
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