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Hagel Family at Omaha Home (1996).jpg
Family portrait taken for Hagel's first U.S. Senate campaign.

Young CTH with brothers.jpg
Charles, Thomas, Michael, and James Hagel pose for the family's 1953 Christmas card.

Chuck Hagel presents Lee Greenwood with a Nebraska letterman jacket as a token of his appreciation for performing at the Hagel for U.S. Senate Concert in Kearney, NE.

Hagel staff dance and enjoy Lee Greenwood's performance at the Hagel for U.S. Senate Concert. Left to right: Unidentified woman, Molly, Lisa Roskens, Amanda’s husband, Amanda, and unidentified woman.

Lee Greenwood performs in his new Nebraska letterman jacket.

A ticket from the Lee Greenwood's Hagel for U.S. Senate Concert at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Chuck, Lilibet, and Allyn are pictured with Fourth of July Parade participants in Ralston, NE>

Three girls cheer on Hagel during the Ralston Fourth of July Parade.

Lilibet assists Ziller as he rides his tricycle in the Ralston Fourth of July Parade.

Hagel walks with his son and daughter in Ralston's Fourth of July Parade in 2001.
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