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Memo, March 19, 2003, on "Talking Points for Interviews on March 20" -- Hagel used this memo to prepare for his NPR interview (see schedule from March 20) and others.

Senator Chuck Hagel's first U.S. Senate portrait

Senator Hagel's schedule for his first week in office.

Senator Hagel's schedule for his first Thursday in office, 2 pages

Letter, Ronald Roskens to Chuck Hagel, confirming Hagel's appointments on January 16 with Ambassador Kunihiko Saito of Japan and Ambassador Li Dao Ye of China.

Letter, Senators Grassley and Breaux to Senator Hagel, welcoming him to the Special Committee on Aging and informing him of the Committee's first meeting on January 29.

Media Interview Request Form from GOP-TV's "Rising Tide," for a profile they would like to do on Senator Hagel for their Rising Stars Show. The Request Form indicates approval by Hagel ("CTH" in upper right-hand corner) and suggests a date and time,…

Press Release from the Hagel office announcing Senator Hagel's first weekly conference call with members of the Nebraska media was set for January 23.

Letter from influential Nebraskan Howard Buffet to Chuck Hagel about the possibility of meeting for dinner. Hagel staff noted on the letter the agreed-upon date as Friday, January 24, in Washington, D.C. Hagel indicated his approval with a "C" in…

Hagel Office Memorandum, Deb to Hagel plus other staff members, re: Grassley Press Conference on Alternative Minimum Tax Legislation to be held on January 22.
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