Africa, South America, and Mexico

Helms/Biden CODEL: Mexico City. 16-18 April 2001

Senators Jesse Helms and Joe Biden hosted this CODEL. The trip consisted largely of meetings with officials in Mexico's government. Topics in the briefing book included political relations between Mexico and the United States and covers issues such as economics, criminal justice, immigration concerns, and border control. The newspaper clipping included with the file mentions only the immigration issues.

Background book on Nigeria

This is a 10 page booklet covering information on Nigerian culture, etiquette and history. 

Hagel CODEL: Nigeria, Angola, Gabon, Sao Tome / Principe, and Cameroon. 20-27 August 2004

The purpose of this CODEL was to examine regional security, intelligence, economic development, human rights, and political reform initiatives in the countries visited.

Hagel CODEL: Florida, Panama, Colombia, and Brazil. 27 August-3 September 2008

A few of the many discussion topics for meetings during this CODEL were: bilateral and regional security, trade issues, and U.S. assistance programs. CODEL members were scheduled to meet with the host governments, U.S., international, and non-government officials.