The U.S. Senate

In January of 1997, Chuck Hagel was sworn in as a U.S. Senator. His family attended the ceremony with Hagel's mother, Betty Hagel Breeding, sitting in the front row, a perfect view for watching her eldest son take the oath of office. Hagel chose his wife, Lilibet, to hold the Bible he was sworn in on. He would later go through this ceremony again in 2003 when he won reelection with over 83% of the vote, a record for largest margin of victory in any statewide race in Nebraska history. 

While Hagel established himself in his new role as U.S. Senator, he also made sure to make time for his family. Hagel is pictured frequently with his children and his wife by his side for special events and occasions. For instance, Hagel was scheduled to appear on the CBS show Face the Nation along with other Senators and American political officials. Hagel brought Ziller with him enabling his son to see behind the scenes as well as the kind of work his dad did every day.