Understanding the Hagel Schedules

When a committee hearing, briefing, or meeting was marked “members only” or “closed” or something similar this was usually because sensitive information was set to be discussed or circulated.

Bolded entries indicate Senator Hagel was expected to attend. Unbolded entries meant the appointment was optional, though Hagel staff likely would attend. 

Double bookings were common. The schedule in question might include a notation as to how the situation would be handled -- e.g. "Senator Hagel will arrive late." 

When Hagel’s schedule was packed, he only had time to “stop by” meetings.

Hagel staff used schedule, meeting, and interview requests to help schedule appointments. (Examples are found throughout this exhibit.) These requests came in anywhere from months in advance to the day before. The staff member who fielded the request would note the who, what (topic), when (possible dates and times), and where, and route the request to key staff and Hagel for their recommendations on how to the handle the request.


Understanding the Hagel Schedules