Senator Hagel addressed ongoing conflict in Iraq and the region frequently during his two terms in office. From 2002 forward, especially, he addressed it almost every single day in committee hearings, meetings, speeches, media interviews, press releases, and so on. Some of those documents are shown here, starting in 1998 and moving through 2008, Hagel's last year in office. To learn more about Hagel's response to the Iraq War, see our Life of a Senator exhibit.

Iraq 1998

Iraq War Buildup, 2002-2003

War, 2003-2004

In March of 2003, the United States led an invasion of Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein's government. The Coalition Provisional Authority led by U.S. administrator Paul Bremer governed Iraq until June 28, 2004.

Post-Handover of Power, 2004-2008

On June 28, 2004, U.S administrator Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, handed over power to the interim Iraqi government. Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and his cabinet were officially sworn in later that day. A heavy U.S. military presence remained in Iraq.