The speeches, press conferences, events, etc. presented here are a small portion of the appearances by Senator Hagel at veterans events or speaking on veterans topics. To learn more about Senator Hagel and veterans, visit In the News: Press, Media, and Speeches in the Hagel Archives.

Screenshot, Hagel Video 1021

Watch Video: Hagel oral history interview, Library of Congress Folklife Center, Veterans History Project, August 14 and 26, 2002 (Running Time: 2:00:05)

The Vietnam War: Lessons and Legacies Symposium

Vietnam War: Lessons and Legacies Symposium, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October 27-28, 2016. Footage from ten sessions is available online at Hagel appears in two sessions: The U.S. Military After Vietnam and Lessons and Legacies: The Last 50 Years.

Veterans Day Speeches

Memorial Day Speeches

Vietnam Veterans Memorial / The Wall

Other Speeches, Tributes, and Greetings