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Hagel speaks at the 10th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. He is pictured with John McCain, Chris Paul, Tom Ridge, George Mitchell, and One Unidentified individual.

1996 campaign potrait.jpg
This photo was one of two images used on promotional materials during Hagel's first run for U.S. Senate in 1996.

1996 campaign victory.jpg
Hagel with his wife, Lilibet, and campaign staff celebrating his win for the Senate seat.

"2001 Year End Report," newsletter from the Hagel office sent to Nebraskans, February 2002 (4 pages)

Chuck Hagel and Colin Powell were keynote speakers at the 25th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

Allyn at desk.jpg
Hagel's daughter sits at his desk

Allyn Hagel, age 16

Press release indicating Hagel's involvement in bill

During the 1996 campaign many people sent in photos from around the world showing their support for Hagel. This soldier poses with a tank that has a Hagel bumper sticker on it.

Hagel stands with his son, Ziller, during his military farewell tribute.
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