Kyoto, Japan  3rd Session of the Conference of the parties to the U.N. Framework on Climate Change. 1-10 December 1997

In December of 1997 Hagel attended the Third Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change as the chairman of the senate observer group. Senator Hagel was interested in climate change issues, but he had two requirements before committing the United States to any international agreement. The agreement must apply to all nations not only to the developed world. Also it must not harm the economic interests of the United States, or U.S. businesses.

Hagel CODEL: Beijing, China; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand; and Singapore. 9-19 August 1999 (visiting countries and leaders)

The highlight of this trip was the dedication of the new Consulate General Office Building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He was accompanied by his brother Tom Hagel. Hagel was one of the guests of honor at the ribbon cutting where he raised the American flag along with Ambassador Mary Ryan, and gave a short speech.

Reed/Hagel CODEL: Hawaii, Singapore, and Alaska. For the IISS-Asia Security Conference. 28 May-2 June 2002

This trip was for a security conference, the IISS Asia Security Conference: ‘The Shangri-La Dialogue’. Senator Hagel co-hosted this CODEL along with Senator Jack Reed. IISS is the International Institute for Strategic Studies. 

Hagel Coidel: India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. 8-15 April 2006.

Theis CODEL was to assess U.S. bilateral relations with the three countries. Other topics explored on this trip included political and economic reform in India and Pakistan, reconstruction in Afghanistan, and counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hagel Codel: Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, and South Korea. 2-11 October 2006

The purpose of this CODEL was: Political, security and economic consultations with the governments of Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, and China, bilateral relations with each country, regional security and stibility, the U.S.-Japan alliance, the future of U.S.-China relations, and U.S.-Vietnam economic relations, including Vietnam's effort to join the WTO.

Kerry CODEL: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Turkey, 16-22 February 2008

On this trip the CODEL members were able to observe the February 18th Parliamentary election in Pakistan. They also met with political party leaders. In Pakistan they also met with President Musharraf and in Afghanistan they hoped to meet with President Karzai. Lunch with NATO troups was cheduled while in Afghanistan.

Hagel CODEL: China, South Korea, and Japan, 11-17 October 2008

This trip was a fact-finding mission. The Senator was scheduled to meet with government officials, and policy experts including the Executive Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.