Middle East and Northern Africa

Hagel CODEL: Turkey and the Caucuses: Crossroads of the World Conference. May 1998

Senator Hagel delivered a speech at the Crossrods of the World Conference, "Trade and Investment -- A Key to our Global Community." The text of that speech can be found here:  https://unomaha.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p16383coll12/id/1548. Much of the trip concerned diplomated and trade meetings.

Hagel CODEL: Israel, MFO-Sinai, Egypt, Lebanon (via Cyprus), Saudi Arabia, and Crete. 15-25 August 1998

Senator Hagel spent much of his time on this trip in diplomatic and economic meetings.

Lieberman/McCain CODEL: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Oman. 4-10 January 2002

This CODEL was a congressional fact-finding mission on the War on Terrorism. The Hagel Archives staff copied the maps shown here from the briefing books for this  CODEL.

Biden/Hagel CODEL: Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. 3-10 December 2002

The letter shown below was put by the Hagel Archives Staff, on public display and so the address was whited out to preserve the recipient’s privacy.

Luger CODEL: Jordan, and Iraq. World Economic Forum. 19-24 June 2003

            The main topics for this annual meeting of the World Economic Forum were: Creating sustained economic and social development in the Middle East, stimulating global economic recovery, and healing the rifts in our global system.

Hagel/Reed: Belgium, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Senegal. 7-12 December 2003

This CODEL was mostly meetings with Political and business leaders; however, there was a tour of an American Cemetery along with a wreath laying.